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    Bachelorette Party Wine Tasting in 6 Easy Steps.

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    Hello Bachelorettes!

    If you're organizing a bachelorette party and want to make it an unforgettable moment, we have just the thing for you: a wine tasting!

    Wine tastings are great because they are fun, educational, and give you the opportunity to try new wines that might not otherwise be on your radar.

    And who doesn't love a good excuse to get together with the girls?

    Here are some tips to help ensure you and all your girlfriends have a blast.

    Learn from our mistakes and successes

    With over 900 wine tastings under our belt, at Vin & Wine, we have a good idea of what works and what works less for ensuring a successful wine tasting.

    And as expressed by over 8,000 participants (comments and testimonials), the key to success is mastering these two elements:

    • Having Fun! 
    • Learning! 

    Here are 5 simple steps to organize a fun and educational wine tasting that will definitely impress your guests.

    1. Spark the Interest of Your Bachelorettes

    The beauty of wine is that it’s usually the one activity that excites everyone.

    Even if they only drink occasionally, we all have a curiosity to learn.

    Wine has been a staple for 8,000 years. We often find ourselves with a glass of wine, whether at home, at parents' or friends' places, or at a restaurant. Knowing what to say and do in these situations showcases your intelligence and etiquette.

    Every time, it’s been those who claimed to have no interest in wine who ended up the most enthusiastic.

    And if that’s not the case, if they were not trill by the event, just tell them it’s free. 🤗

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    2. Choose a Suitable Day of the Week

    A wine tasting in a restaurant on a Friday or Saturday night would be very noisy and likely not as personalized as you'd like.

    Hosting it at your home or any other private venue offers more flexibility. Our favourite stay for Montreal is CLUBHAUS. Check it out here >.

    Unsurprisingly, Saturdays and Sundays are the most popular. We suggest to reserve here early. It's FREE! 

    For Bachelorette Parties,  Friday evenings at 7 PM are the preferred time.

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    Wine tasting at Home

    Take your bachelorette party to the next level with a range of sparkling wines that will have your party rocking!  ❤️

    4. Seven Wines is the Magic Number for a Tasting

     This is equivalent to half a bottle per person over a duration of three hours. Consumed with food, it ensures that no one will be intoxicated by the end of the tasting, which is very practical if your bachelorettes want to drive home.

    It's also an excellent quantity for discovering your palate; learning what you like and acquiring new tastes. In addition to a few red wines, you'll be served six other "types" of wine.

    Tip: "Let us know your preferences. They will be taken into consideration."

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    Ludovic M.
    Ludovic M.
    Ludovic M.

    Excellent atelier. J'ai appris plus en 2 heures qu'en 25 ans sur la diversité des vins et leurs qualités.

    5. Food Options

    Eating while tasting is important during a wine tasting.

    It can be as simple as crackers with pâtés or a buffet. Whatever you choose, we need to know in order to select wines accordingly and create the best food and wine pairings.

    Here are your options:

    1. Vin & Wine Caterers - Turnkey Service
    2. You and/or Your Guests
    3. At a BYOB Restaurant

    Here in Quebec and Ontario, it's not like in France where you spit out the wine after tasting it. So, we had to adapt our offerings accordingly.

    At Vin & Wine, we have been working with the caterers from Atwater Market for 10 years.

    Our cheeses are from Fromagerie Hamel. They have a wide variety of Quebec and foreign cheeses that ensure the best possible pairings with our wines. Your guests will love our cheese platter, specially adapted to your tastes and budget.

    You decide the amount you want to invest in the food.

    For a 5 à 7/Apéro where you will have a meal afterward, consider a budget of $19 per guest.

    If it replaces a meal, expect to spend between $25 and $30 per person.

    The amount you decide is the amount we will purchase. We do not make a profit on this complementary service we offer. It’s a turnkey service that is very popular because you don’t have to worry about anything; we arrive with everything you need. All you have to do is unpack the food we purchased on the day of your bachelorette party. Some dishes like quiches or sausages will need to be reheated and placed on platters.

    We want to give you the French market day experience when we arrive with our provisions and set them up on the table in a casual manner, allowing guests to serve themselves according to the wine being served.

    In other words, we will create an experience together that you can easily recreate with friends and family for fun and without difficulty.

    For our fresh sausages, we trust Charcuterie de Tours. For cooked dishes, as well as our terrines and pâtés, we work with Terrines et Pâtés, with whom we have a lot of pleasure crafting your delicacies specially designed for superb food and wine pairings.

    You and/or Your Guests

    Alternatively, for food, you can either prepare it yourself or ask your guests to bring something. Here are the dishes we suggest:

    • Creamy salads (pasta, potato, broccoli/cauliflower, etc.)
    • Fish, shrimp, seafood
    • Various cheeses
    • Sausages
    • Quiches
    • Meatloaf
    • Poultry
    • Terrines and pâtés
    • Bread and crackers

    Avoid spicy dishes and keep flavors moderately intense. This allows for better pairings with our wines. Keep anything lemony, sauces, or other flavor enhancers separate.

    At a BYOB Restaurant

    Another option, though a bit more expensive, is to hold your event at a BYOB restaurant. For Sundays to Thursdays or in a private room, these are also great evenings. We contact the restaurant to find out their menu so that you can enjoy the best possible food and wine pairings. We have also worked with many restaurants, so it's likely you’ll benefit from our experience and privileges to make your evening even more fabulous.

    In addition to a dedicated server, you will have your personal sommelier and host at your service.

    Expect to spend between $49 to $89 +taxes and services for this option.

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    6. Final Preparations for Your Bachelorette Party

    For the tasting portion, wine glasses are included in the Vin & Wine package.

    For the food, set up a nice table with utensils and plates for everyone, including your sommelier, who will sit at the head of the table to be visible to all.

    Remember, this is your event, and all your expectations and desires will be adapted to your activity.

    Your sommelier will ensure to personalize their performance to the maximum. We work around you, not the other way around.

    Our structure is tailored to ensure you have the maximum amount of fun.

    What to Expect?

    Your sommelier will arrive 10 minutes before the start of your activity to give them time to prepare in a small corner of the counter. Expect them to arrive 30 minutes earlier if they are also bringing the food. This allows time to unpack and reheat the fresh products with the help of your bachelorettes.

    When you're ready, they will start with an introductory wine, often a sparkling wine, to kick off the festivities. They will then suggest some practical wine-related concepts, such as how to hold a wine glass, what to do when served wine in a restaurant, how to choose wines at wine shops or the SAQ/LCBO, what constitutes a quality wine, and of course, food and wine pairings, which will be practiced with the food on the table.

    Finally, in a game format, you'll note all the wines you taste to better understand your palate and choose your future wines accordingly.

    What could be better than being able to choose wines based on the evolution of our own palate, rather than someone else's?

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    Are you ready to set off on an extraordinary adventure?

    Let our wine connoisseurs create a memorable wine tasting experience just for you.


    Make sure your friends enjoy themselves to the fullest.

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