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    Our Wine Tasting Prices at Home and Corporate 

    In Quebec, Ontario. Montreal & Regions.




    You plan for 10 people or less?

    The price is fixed.

    Whether you are a couple or 10 people, the price is the same.


    You plan for 11 people or more?

    The price is per person and includes all fees except service.

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    Please note

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    • All prices mentioned on this page include:

    • The fees are only for the information and the 42 years of experience I will share with you, not the wines. Whether you drink wine doesn't alter the price. On request, we offer some non-alcoholic wines.

    • For locations far from the greater Montreal area, ask for an estimate for travel costs (fuel and time).

    • If you are fully satisfied with the service and would like to acknowledge this, you are free to offer a tip as a sign of appreciation. The sommelier will not initiate or request this process.

    If you exceed the 2 to 4 hours included in your package, you can only congratulate yourself.

    This means that your event was so memorable and lively that time flew by.

    Please note that :

    • The interest of your guests was high.
    • They asked many questions, benefiting from our expertise of 43 years of experience, and they will be grateful to you.
    • It's when the activity happens that you should enjoy it, because that's when memories are created.
    • An extra hour only represents 15% or less of your total bill, so don't hesitate to extend the fun and magic of your event.

    If you exceed the included hours, $100 per additional hour will be subtracted from your confirmation deposit.

    We thank you for your understanding.

    Our Additional Services

    Benefit from our experience of over 1000 wine tastings.

    Our Catering Service

    Make it easy on yourself!

    We bring the wine and the food. 


    Wine pairing is an essential part of your tasting experience. 

    Don't miss out on the optimum experience!

    Who better than Vin & Wine to bring you the best wine pairings?

    Highest quality fresh food from the Atwater market, with whom we have been working together since 2011. 

    Find here our menu and more information >.

    We arrive with everything you will need. 

    Including our porcelain plates and quality cutlery for $4 per person. 

    Reserve >

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    Our Wine selection

    Our wines are easily accessible. This means that if you like one or more of the wines you have tasted, you will be able to buy if from any good wine stores. 

    As for its quality, we will prove to you that we have served you, only the best

    In other words, we will serve you wines of the highest quality in the $20 price range. 

    Want an extra special wine selection?

    For an additional $20 per guest, treat yourself to wines in a higher price range than those included in the tasting.

    Find out more about our wine choices here >

    Reserve >

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    Exceptional Events 

    Vin & Wine is renowned for its unforgettable wine tastings / events, as mentioned here by our customers >

    FREE of charge, we will personalise your event to a “T”. 

    That is it for an Anniversary, Birthday Party, Get-together, Bachelorette, Office Party or other, Give us as many details as possible so that we blend in your event, not the other way around. 

    It's your event! Make sure that it is PERFECT

    We offer EXCELLENCE as standard. 

    Your experience includes:

    • The assurance that each of your guests will remember YOUR evening fondly.

    Reserve >

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the sommelier service?

    Why book with Vin and Wine rather than another company?

    Who will lead my wine tasting?

    What's INCLUDED in the price?

    What will I learn during your wine tasting?

    Should I take a taxi home?

    What's EXCLUDED in the price?

    Where it suits you best

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    At your Office

    • cafeteria
    • meeting room
    • dining room
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    Specialised Places

    • reception room
    • hotel
    • restaurant
    gallery copy

    Original Places

    • art gallery
    • sugar shack
    • vineyard
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    Private Places

    • at your home
    • garden
    • terrace

    What some of our customers think about our Services.


    Kathy For a Get-together

    “Dany's passion is contagious. He is a very cultured person who has been around the world, something I also look for because I like to travel. I learned a lot about wine and how to choose them. If you have never been to a wine tasting, this is definitely a visit not to be missed!”

    Jo testimonial
    Jo testimonial
    Jo 40th anniversary

    “A very pleasant and convivial evening, with good food. Dany has a lot of experience, and it's great that he is so happy to share all this.”

    Daniel Birthday party

    “Dany has a deep passion for what he does, and that's what makes his performances stand out from the crowd!”

    Ready for the experience of your life?

    Elevate YOUR EVENT with a unique wine-tasting experience.

    An unforgettable experience for your special day


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